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Chanukah Unveiled

Learning material and curiculums for you and your community to experience a meaningful Chanukah.


Everything you need to teach Chanukah in a fun and engaging fashion.

A free curriculum for Hebrew School kids. Includes slides, games, and a complete lesson plan. 

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The origin story of Mivtzah Chanuka in 1974 from "A Chassidishe Derher" Magazine 

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Why do we give Chanukah Gelt?

Why do we give Chanukah Gelt? The definitive origin for the minhag of Chanukah gelt has always been a mystery, as the Rebbe pointed out a number of times. So why do we do it?


Everything you need to know about this fascinating Minhag.

from "A Chassidishe Derher" Magazine 


JNet Chanukah Companion 

Chanukah: The Story, the Miracle and its Significance Today

Learn about Chanuka directly from the source with this text based curiculum 

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Lessons in Sefer HaMaamarim - Chanukah 

The Rebbe's Maamar "Tanu Rabanan Mitzvas Ner Chanukah" translated and illucidated by Sichos in English,

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CTeen "Torah Talks" Chanukah

Torah Talks is a dynamic learning program that offers a contemporary perspective on ancient Jewish texts in a learning style that is built for the modern-day teen.

The class will spark discussion and debate through experiential learning and visual media aids

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A selection of Chanuka workshops and Shiurim from fellow Shluchim 

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The History of Public Menorah Lightings

From the time Chazal instituted the mitzvah of kindling the Menorah, the objective has been to publicize the nes of Chanukah to the outside, But it would take more than two thousand years for this goal to be truly realized, when the Rebbe’s mivtza Chanukah actually brought the light of the Menorah to the public domain.

from "A Chassidishe Derher" Magazine 

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Selections from Likkutei Sichos - Chanukah 

The Rebbe's Likkutei Sichos revolutionizes Torah study and Jewish life,

Here is a selection of the original Likkutei Sichos on Chanukah.

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In the year 5750, ‘sharing the glow of Chanukah’ took on unprecedented meaning when an inter-continental Chanukah hookup was held with the participation of the Rebbe. 


How was this worldwide event born? What was the nature of the program? What was the Rebbe’s reaction to it?


In this article we will seek to answer these questions and many others that will help us gain insight into what was known simply as, “Chanukah Live!”

from "A Chassidishe Derher" Magazine 

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