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A Chassidisher Purim

A collection of meaningful Purim articles from "A Chassidisher Derher Magazine

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The Legendary Purim

Purim 5718: While it is impossible to adequately describe such a monumental farbrengen, we have attempted to convey, as much as possible, a bit of the feeling of that time.

This account is based on the hanacha in Toras Menachem, an interview with Rabbi Sholom Ber Chaikin, and the yoman of Reb Heske Gansburg


In The King’s Court

Purim With The Rebbe: an in-depth look the Rebbe's Purim Farbrengens throughout the years.


Heavenly Affairs

Purim 5713 was the third annual Purim
farbrengen with the Rebbe, taking place just
over two years after the Rebbe’s acceptance of the
nesius. The Purim farbrengen throughout the years
was known for its many unique giluyim and this one
was no different. It is especially remembered for
the story of “Hoora” with the events surrounding
it, and it being the first time the Rebbe said two
maamarim at a farbrengen.



Mivtza Purim

Listen to an in-depth exploration of Mivtza Purim from Derher Audio Podcast


Orah Vesimchah

The history of Mivtzah Purim: The light and joy of Purim reaches the most lonesome and destitute.

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